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With the focus of practical waterproofing job experience of C&R Construction and Roofing Corp and the scientific investigation done by leading building experts proves that buildings of Bronx areas are so much assailable to damage by extreme drastic weathers. Proper waterproofing and weather coating are the most dependable fact of maximal buildings surveillance.
Whenever it is Bronx buildings waterproofing issue, there is a big diagnosing challenge of the correct waterproofing faults. We are the best Waterproofing crew of Bronx to diagnose the exact problems and resolving with best water-proofing solutions.
Our experienced waterproofing Bronx Crew are so highly conscious about all the Building Department rules to assure total safety of you.
External waterproofing of Bronx buildings is big challenge and requires genuinely practical experienced waterproofing professional of Bronx who are so much vigilant of the Bronx building system. General Roofing contractors Bronx’s highly experienced water-proofer have been fixing all types of issues regarding waterproofing in Bronx area from long time.
We can serve you with every kind of weather proofing for your old and new buildings. Our experienced team of thoroseal and thorocoat application knows the best formula of their coating application. If it is about the window weather proofing, whither it is new or replacement we have specialist on window sill, window lintel, window caulking services.
Our working strategies with building waterproofing and repairing leak are very client oriented. Our water-proofing Bronx team discloses everything to our customers to get the complete working processes genuinely transparent to them.
We believe on regarding highly faith with customers and that is why our waterproofing worker of Bronx works with too much strict timeline. Call us now to get started with us.

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